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Naples - Monograph AA.VV

VAT Included
  • The second book published by Takketto is tinged with blue. With immense enthusiasm we have created a number with a great narrative force and  artistic  to celebrate the team to which Maradona has united his football destiny: SSC Napoli.
    The passion of  Neapolitan fans  for your team it is unique.  For 90 minutes the city forgets its problems and becomes a great immense curve that screams "Forza Napoli", which sings Napule è mille culure, which prays to San Gennaro  to perform the miracle. 
    Exaggerated? Not in Naples, where " Napoli is not a football team, but the mood of a city ",  is the most common phrase among the Azzurri fans.

    You start reading starting from the cover, which is why we entrusted Marija Marcovich with the task of presenting Naples, a 136-page book of stories, images, photographs, illustrations and original drawings. 

    Contents :

    The shirts of Napoli
    Ferlaino and Moggi
    The  eyes of Ottavio Bianchi
    There  MA.GI.CA.
    The home of Napoli, the Diego Armando Maradona stadium.
    Aurelio de Laurentiis
    Salvatore Bagni, the warrior
    Ascarelli and the birth of Napoli
    The result (does not) matter
    From "Te Diegum" to the hand of D10S, the pagan rite of typhus unites people and elite in the curve
    Maurizio Sarri
    Lavezzi, Cavani, Hamsik
    Dries Mertens, an absolute alien
    …it's a lot  even more

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