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Match Worn Diaries
 FIFA World Cup 2022
by takketto

Digital art meets football

Match Worn Diariesit is a unique project of its kind. On the occasion of the World Cup in Qatar, we asked six talented artists, with a passion for football, to create works that had the jerseys of the 32 teams participating in the final tournament as their common denominator.

Football shirts have a weight in popular culture and a history rooted in time that never debases, on the contrary, keeps up with the times by adapting. The identity that the shirts are able to convey goes far beyond any marketing action: the shirt is the intimate symbol that identifies the fan. The choice of the NFT responds to the desire to support artists by focusing on innovation, transparency and usability. At the end of the world championships, every week, 6 works out of the 32 in the collection Match Worn Diaries will be registered on the Ethereum blockchain and, consequently, made unique, irreplaceable and impossible to forge.

The collection will be available on and rarity will be determined by artist selections.

We are takketto

takketto is the synthesis and the culmination of a journey that began by combining two passions: one for football and one for publishing. An independent, autonomous project, far from concentrations and mainstream circuits but, no less ambitious for this reason.  takketto is a series of monographic works on football teams, told through the words and images of an international team of collaborators sharing the same passion, vision and curiosity but, above all, by the belief that there are no "B-Sides" in football.



Curator, Designer 
& art director


Marija Markovic

Graphic designer


Jonathan Bruns

Illustrator & Graphic Designer


Ali Alchall

Illustrator & Designer


Stephen Underwood

Designer & Illustrator

foto profilo.jpg

Vito Luigi Giannoccaro


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