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What is Takketto

Takketto  it is the synthesis and the culmination of a journey begun by combining two passions, one for football and one for publishing.

An independent, autonomous project, far from concentrations and mainstream circuits, but no less ambitious for this.


Takketto  is a series of monographic works on football teams told through words and images of an international team of collaborators sharing the same passion, vision and curiosity, but above all by the belief that in football there are no "B-Sides". And this is why the inaugural issue is dedicated to Bari. Not to FC Bari or SSC Bari, only Bari. A trip to the southern shores of the Adriatic to celebrate a team that, like few others, has managed to be loved unconditionally since 1908. , year of its foundation. We went to Bari to tell the stories behind the protagonists, the victories, the images, the epic and painful moments, the love of a city, the colors and the faith of the fans.


Takketto is the ambition to talk about football by placing great content, intellectual honesty and attraction for talent at the center, without worrying about likes, but developing its own identity.

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