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Bari - Monograph AA.VV

VAT Included
  • A monograph of Bari, as you've never seen it before and in limited edition. A trip to the southern shores of the Adriatic to celebrate a team that, like few others, has managed to be loved unconditionally since 1908, the year of its foundation. We went to Bari to tell the stories behind the protagonists, the victories, the images, the epic and painful moments, the love of a city, the colors and the faith of the fans. We used an international professional team to create a record-breaking work. Protti, Joao Paulo, Platt, Fascetti, Regalia, Matarrese, Janich, Conte, De Laurentiis. The derbies as no one has ever told them. Engaging design, with text, photographs, illustrations and spectacular graphics.


    Contents :

    Interview with Igor Protti

    The face of Bari

    David Platt

    Franco Janich

    Joao Paulo

    Interview with Luigi De Laurentiis

    The red and white icons

    Eugenio Fascetti

    The derbies

    Bari, a disease that no longer goes away

    The Bari shirts, illustrated and unstructured

    Carlo Regalia

    Vincenzo Matarrese

    Antonio Conte

    Exclusive illustrations

    The Bari stadium is a spaceship

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