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Dad why are we from Atletico? A child asked his father without receiving any answer, in the 2001 spot that would become one of the classics of Spanish advertising. Passion for Atletico Madrid is a feeling that cannot be explained in words. If there is one truth that brings the large and varied red and white people into agreement, it is this one. There is no other club in the world like Atletico capable of generating and keeping alive the flame of passion from generation to generation, in the good and in bad luck. That's why our first foray into Spain could only start with Atletico Madrid. A club where winning is important, but even more important is the awareness of the exceptional nature of belonging to the Colchonero people: you are born from Atletico, you become from Real.




The kick-off

From the stadium to home

Louis Aragones

Paulo Futre

The Cholo Simeone

Jesus Gíl y Gíl


The "niño" Torres

Atletico's shirts

The Champions League, cursed blessing

Tony Munoz

The derby, a story of love and hate

Atletico's South Americans: Burgos, Godín, Aguero, Forlan

José Luis Pérez Caminero

The Intercontinental Cup

Ruben Cano

Atletico Madrid is everything

Cerezo, the President



...and much more.



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