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Le più grandi Storie di Calcio
by takketto

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Dad, why are we from Atletico? Asked a child to his father without receiving an answer, in the 2001 commercial that would become one of the classics of Spanish advertising. The passion for Atletico is a feeling that cannot be explained in words. If there is one truth that unites the wide and varied red and white people, it is this. There is no other club in the world like Atletico capable of generating and keeping alive the flame of passion from generation to generation, in good times and bad. That is why our first foray into the land of Spain could only begin with Atletico. A club where winning is important, but even more important is the awareness of the exceptional nature of belonging to the Colchonero people. From Atletico you are born, from Real you become.

136 pages of stories, images, photographs, illustrations and original drawings.

We are takketto

takketto is the synthesis and the culmination of a journey that began by combining two passions: one for football and one for publishing. An independent, autonomous project, far from concentrations and mainstream circuits but, no less ambitious for this reason.  takketto is a series of monographic works on football teams, told through the words and images of an international team of collaborators sharing the same passion, vision and curiosity but, above all, by the belief that there are no "B-Sides" in football.


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